Management of Incontinence Urodynamic Bladder Test

Urodynamic tests are used to diagnose patients who have urinary incontinence or other urinary symptoms. These tests are given to both men and women. An urodynamic test is used to measure nerve and muscle function, pressure around and in the bladder, flow rates, and other factors. These tests look at how well the bladder, sphincters, and urethra are storing and releasing urine.


How the test is performed

  • Your doctor and assisting nurse will meet you prior the procedure and walkthrough the details of the test.  

  • The duration of the test is approximately 40 minutes. You will be asked you bladder prior the procedure. This procedure is not painful, however the test itself may seem to you a bit awkward.

  • Soft line tubes will be inserted into your vagina and bladder in order to record pressure readings throughout the test

  • A sterile water will be infused through the tube into your bladder, until you feel to urinate.

  • You will be asked to cough at the various stages throughout the procedure

  • After the test your doctor may ask you to empty the bladder again

  • An ultrasound may be performed in order to check the remaining urine in the bladder

  • Please attend special room if you are menstruating and mention your condition to your doctor and nurse prior the procedure.


How to prepare for the test:

  • Please be on time, 30 min earlier of the scheduled time. Please bring along bladder diary.

  • You may eat and drink before and after the procedure

  • Please raise and concerns and questions before, during or after the procedure.