Prenatal Services

Prenatal service is an extra service performed by your doctor to stay healthy and minimise risks associated with the pregnancy.  This service includes a wide range of offerors to a pregnant woman, such as a nutrition or dietician instruction, regular check-ups and patient education.


Below is a list of some common measures:


- It is significant for a pregnant woman to maintain a healthy well-balanced diet which will help baby’s development   Your doctor may advise supplements to take during the pregnancy such as iron, calcium or folic acid.

- If you are taking some medications not related to the pregnancy, make sure to discuss it with your doctor, in order to prevent birth defects.

- A moderate exercising is advisable for a pregnant woman; however, overdoing may cause some negative implications. Therefore, consult with your doctor of what type of exercising is preferable and safe for a pregnant woman.

-It is strictly advisable to avoid smoking, consuming alcohol. Taking drugs and all sorts of bad habits during the pregnancy as it will severely effect on baby and could cause premature delivery, or miscarriage or a low birth weight of the infant.

-Avoid using the hot tubs or sauna as they could be a trigger of the miscarriage.

-It is advisable to sleep on your left side in order to reduce pressure on a blood vessels.

-Is it preferable to wear light, comfortable clothes and shoes in order to prevent varicose, haemorrhoids or swelling of the legs.